Monday, April 27, 2009

[[Branded Product Hunted Student??]]

As the last post, i willing to share some opinion from my observation form most of the student nowadays.
Branded product like, ~Sony~ Nike~Adidas~Apple~iPhone~ and many more...
For our image? our "face"? our status? More quality? Fashion?
Each of us have the reason why we like buy the branded product~ Money is the main issue, you got the money, you will get most of the thing you like.
But think deeply, is that worth to buy the product?
We need it?
Or we like to contribute the money to foreign country to boost the economic up??
All are depend on us......

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[[Play Station 3 Vs XBox]]

Two main game player competitor in the gaming industry.
PlayStation3 and XBox.
Two player have high resolution of graphic, nice design,service support,wireless controller,nice game and so on.
One of the most concern about is the price of these two product.
~PlayStation3~ RM1350++
(Price according with the feature)
Which one of the two gaming you like the most?
~!!choose it!!~

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[[Sony Ericcson Vs Nokia]]

Two giant hand phone producer in the world.
Which one are you preference the most in this two type of brands?
For me,SE quite nice but Nokia also not bad wor....How then?
Erm....Buy both? no money~ Buy either? which one~ ~_~"
Compare the phone feature almost the same...
SE, Cybershot,Walkman phone~
Nokia, XpressMusic,Navigator, N series~
How to choose?

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[[Reccession Revolution??]]

Most buzzword in recently is the reccession problem face by the whole world.
Nowadays, Unemployment rate increase~ economic activity slow down~ and so on~
All sector have facing the problem, included Sony Corporation. Sony, a multinational company had slow down the production or even reduce the staff to cut down the cost, boost up the allocation of the funds.
How to revolution??
Spend much to boost the economic cycle?? where to get the money to spend?? Please la...
G please give us voucher to BOOST THE ECONOMIC!!!
Work Together la!!!^^

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[[Command Vaio Problem??]]

Recently i search the information about the Sony Vaio laptop.
I figure out some same problem happen with Sony Vaio, that is the screen problem?? shout down automatically?? overheating?? hardware not supporting?? short lifespan??
Wah.... Am i still consider to purchase the Vaio series laptop...??
think deeper, is that the value that we have to received by a high-end product? vulnerable to purchase it? lot of consideration pop-up in my mind......
~Give some comment on this matter~
~Especially Sony Vaio User~

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

[[Gamer Favorite PSP]]

Another famous Sony product is PlayStation Portable(PSP).
Talk about the PSP feature:
  • First let’s talk about graphics. The graphical power of the PSP is said to be close to that of a Playstation2.
  • The battery time issue is fixable
  • Music playback.
  • Movie playback
  • It’s wireless too
  • Sleep mode.

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[[Ex-experince About SonyErrison Phone]]

K800i is the one of the phone i had been purchased~
I bought it about two year ago,no regret at all.
The feature of the phone satisfied me very well,
like 3.2megapixal cybershot camera, light, convince,3G and so on. the reason i bought the cybershot phone was i liked take picture very much, and some good comment form my friend.
One of the main problem is the joystick,same like other SE joystick phone.
if not carefully use it, problem will occur....
but overall function are better than that.

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